My Journey Begins

Love Food?

If you love food as much as I do then we will for sure become great friends. I’m Hispanic, so that right there tells you that I’ve been around Mexican food all of my life. Grew up watching my mother cook every day and later when I was old enough to help in the kitchen she let me assist her with the catering she did for many events. Many moons back I was told by one of my sisters that I should write a cookbook with our mother’s recipes.  But to be honest I thought (and still think) that writing a book was and is hard work and not it sure wasn’t something I wanted to get into. But little did I know that here I was going to be, Blogging about the recipes that my mother taught us and that now I’m sharing with all you foodies!


Can’t have a backyard party without some carne asada and some grilled green onions.


To me, cooking is being able to spend time with family. Especially when there is a real reason to celebrate. and by real reason I mean an actual birthday, wedding, quinceañera, bautizo, etc. let’s admit it, us latinos find any excuse to do our carne asada and drink. Am I right? or at least this latino household does. Any little event is good enough to get the family together for a fun gathering. Like, for instance, my daughter getting a good grade in a recent project is a reason to celebrate, Tio Raul getting new tires on his car is also a  reason to fire up the grill and get some family together. Let’s just be honest with ourselves and admit that we love food. Therefore any reason is a good reason for a backyard Carnita Asada!


Hope you all love the adventure of my cooking. I’ll be sharing many recipes and from time to time i’ll blog about our family get-togethers, parties, family reunions, etc.


  1. Congratulations on your journey! Are your mom’s recipes written down, or are they passed by experience? After my mom passed away, my sister and I put her recipes into a book, both those that she had written down and those she simply taught us by experience. We gave copies of the book to our siblings and cousins that year for Christmas, and nothing could have been better in the healing process.

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