Tacos de Queso (Cheese Taco)

Sometimes all you crave is a Taco de queso fresco and some yummy chipotle peppers.20180416_081926.jpg

Very simple and yet so delicious. Even though we might have enough time to cook a full meal there will be days where you just crave the easiest and simplest foods. This right here is one of my many simple favorites.

Queso Fresco, chiles chipotle, corn tortillas (warmed over the fire) and a hot black coffee.

I have a cheese lover at home. My daughter. Therefore I cant afford to have a fridge without cheese. It doesn’t matter what kind of it we have at home she will never say no a meal with cheese on it. She too loves these tacos but to make it a bit more full for here I remove the chipotle and add a fried egg instead. Egg tacos with fresh cheese are one of her favorites.

We don’t always have to get fancy with what we cook. Many times you will discover that the more simple the food is the better it will taste.

Once in a while, we need a break from all the pots and pans from all the chopping and slicing from all the dishwashing. And it’s okay not to want to cook. Even the best chef needs a day off.

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