Any Spam Lovers?

Here goes to the times that I tell you that rice and beans are a must in my household. Always ready and always handy. If I don’t have them already cooked bet on it that I have them in my pantry ready to be made.

By any chance do you have any spam lovers at home? If so then you are like me. and I’ll do this post just to show you what I do with my leftover rice.

you will need:

  1. Eggs                         3. Leftover rice
  2. cubed spam

Heat the pan with some oil on medium heat and fry the cubed spam.


I make sure it’s nice and crispy. Then once its ready I add the rice.


Stir and fry for about 2 minutes. Once you have the rice nice and warm. you will separate will make room in the middle by spreading everything to the sides.


Now its time to add the eggs. For this recipe, I used 3 eggs but it’s up to your preference and the amount of rice you will use. the amount of rice I used was about 2 1/2 cups give or take.


Adding salt to the eggs is up to your liking. without disturbing the rice we will scramble the eggs right in the middle of the pan.


Once the egg is done you will mix everything really well and heat for about 2 more minutes.


Now the dish is ready to eat by itself or in a breakfast burrito. The ingredients are endless its all up to our preference. If we have meat eaters then we can add sausage and bacon to the meal if you only have veggie lovers at home than just do veggies instead of your meats. Just like any fried rice but in this case, I use it for breakfast served as a burrito for some and others just prefer toast.

My preference is to eat this with toast and a black coffee on the side.

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