Chiles Rellenos

I think every latino/hispanic household knows about chiles rellenos for Cuaresma. They are a must. If I don’t make them at least once for lent than I’m not liked at home. Even my sister has them ready to go once the Cuaresma gets here. They do partner well with rice and beans so if you do plan on making these yummies make sure you have the side dishes ready. Chiles Rellenos are not complicated to make in fact it’s a very easy recipe. Easy, fast and delicious is what we all want.

You will need:

  1. Chiles Poblanos
  2. Eggs
  3. Flour
  4. PepperJack Cheese
  5. oil for frying
  6. salt

To start we need to roast the chiles this is the part that takes a bit more time to do, So be patient.

To my preference I like to roast them over an open flame. I do this until they are charred evenly all around. If this step is not something you feel comfortable doing than it’s perfectly fine to use a griddle. Just make sure that they become nice and crispy on all sides. Make sure that you have a plastic bag handy or a large ziploc bag because this is where you will put the chiles once you’re done roasting them. Close the bag and cover it with a towel and set aside for about 15 min. We need the chiles to sweat this will make it easy to clean them.

1. When ready, remove the skin from all the chiles, you may use a paper napkin if they become hard to clean. Once they are nice and cleaned make a slit from stem to tip and remove the seeds from inside. 2. Slice the cheese into strips that will fit inside the chiles, stuff them and set it aside. 3. Now time for the eggs. *You will notice that mostly all my recipes don’t have exact measurements and that’s because I don’t use them. I was taught to eyeball everything and to be honest it’s awesome.* But for two chiles you will need one egg. 4. Beat the egg whites until the foam doesn’t fall off the spoon when flipped upside down. 5. Add a bit of salt and fold in the yolks. 6. By this time you should have a pan heating with enough oil to fry. 7. Have a separate dish with flour seasoned with salt. 8. Grab a Chile and cover it with flour than cover it with the egg than place in the oil. Only flip when you see that brown gorgeous color underneath. 9. Once it’s nice and brown on both side that’s the indicator that they are done, take them out and place them on a paper napkin so it can absorb most of the oil. Do the same to all the chiles. You will serve these with refried beans and rice!


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