Black Bean Burrito

Have you ever just wanted to eat a meatless burrito?

Actually, I never gave that a thought. But nonetheless decided to give it a go. I had everything in my fridge to make it why so why not give it a try right?

At first when I told my fellow eaters at home that they were about to eat a meatless burrito they gave me the stinky eye and thought it was a joke. Little did they know that I was serious. So, I made them and they were a total hit!

You will need:

  1. Black refried beans
  2. Chopped tomatoes
  3. Chopped scallions
  4. Shredded Mexican Style cheese
  5. Chipotle Sause (I used Fire roasted Chipotle salsa)
  6. Shredded lettuce
  7. Sour Cream
  8. Flour tortillas (I used spinach flavored ones)

Put a griddle to heat. Cook the beans if not refried yet. Make sure everything is nicely shredded and chopped. 1. Heat the tortillas only to make them a bit soft so they won’t break on you while you try rolling them. 2. First layer would be the refried beans. 3. Lettuce. 4. Tomatoes. 5 shredded cheese. 6. Sour cream. 7. Chipotle sauce.

Roll the tortilla to make the burrito and take it back to the griddle so it can toast on both sides. That’s it!

The side dish would be to you liking. For us here, I put shredded lettuce on the side with tomatoes and cheese, some extra sour cream and extra chipotle salsa.


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