Everything about Flautas is good. Easy to make and they will always taste delicious. Regardless of what you fill them with you will always have a hit. Now, the side dishes depends solemly on your craving the day you make them. They can be served with the typical rice and beans or you can serve them with just a fresh salsa. it all depends on what you like and what you have available the day you make them.

Sometimes I like them only with queso cotija and green salsa. Sometimes i’ll eat them on their own only with the toppings. They are so versatile and yet so delicious.


Now, lets talk about the filling for theses yummies. They can be with:

  • Chicken
  • Potato
  • Potato and cheese
  • Ham
  • Hot dog links (sliced in half)
  • Choriso
  • Steak., ETC

The fillings are endless.

All you do is get your filling ready and set aside. Warm the tortillas first to make them soft that way they become easy to roll. Then you will add your favorite filling and roll (a bit tight). You will need tooth picks to hold the flautas in place. Make sure you have enough oil heating up on a deep pan or a fryer. Once you have all the tacos you need you will start to fry them. when you are done with all the frying either you put them on a paper towel or leave them standing so they can drip off the oil. That’s it!


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