Pico De Gallo

A Pico De Gallo is a must in all of your Carne Asada gatherings. You will definitely see how people start adding this salsa to everything or even just eating it on it’s own like a dip. Just make sure you have enough chips to go around. Here at my house we love spicy food. Lots of us here can handle a good amount of heat. So, i’ll suggest if you are making spicy salsas on the side don’t make the pico spicy or or vice versa.



An example of what we have in our Salsa table is:

  • Red Salsa (mild)
  • Green salsa with avocado (mild)
  • Molcajete salsa (spicy)
  • Pico de gallo (spicy)
  • Cebollas curtidas con habanero (lemon marinated onions with Habanero)

Just make sure you have a balance for the guest that don’t like the heat.


So, with that said lets see how this baby is made.

You will need:

  1. Roma Tomatoes (chopped)
  2. White Onions (chopped)
  3. Chiles Serrano (chopped) (I add extra chiles from our garden)
  4. Limones
  5. Dried Oregano
  6. Salt

1. In a bowl mix the chopped tomatoes, onion and chiles. 2. Add some lime juice and salt. 3. When adding the oregano you first put the oregano in the palm of your hand and you will rub your hands to mince it. Do a little at a time, sometimes a little goes a long way. 4. Mix everything really well. Do a taste test. Here you will add more salt or lemon if needed. 5. You might want to add more chiles and even more oregano depending on your liking. 6. Once you have it to your preferance, cover the bowl and keep refrigerated until ready to serve. Thats it!



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