Masa (dough) Para Tortillas

Masa (instant corn masa flour) … What is masa? It’s that delicious tortilla you have with those asada tacos or that amazing sope bottom that’s always topped with yummy’ness.

Having this Masa ready opens the idea of different dishes you can make, from tortillas, sopes, gorditas, mulitas, tlacoyos, huaraches and even Pupusas (Central American dish). It will all depend on you and your craving.  Very simple but an essential part to all these dishes. I’ll make this short so we can get straight to making these great dishes.

Every packet that you buy has the instruction on how to make this masa.

You will need:

  1. Maseca
  2. Water
  3. Salt or Knorr
  4. Oil or Butter

I do follow the instructions on the package, the only thing I do different is replace the salt with knorr and I add oil or sometimes butter to this recipe. This will be totally your choice.

Follow the instruction on the masa package. If you are using Knorr then use the same measurement as the package indicates for the salt. Add the oil or butter (about 1/3 cup of either) right before mixing. This is where you get your hands dirty. No mixer. If the masa feels dry just add water a bit at a time. Keep adding water if needed. You will know if its needed by making a tiny ball and press on it. If the edges break, that’s your indicator that it needs more water. Keep doing it until there are no more breaks but not completely soft to where it sticks to your hands. Dont worry, you will get better at it the more you make it.

Now that you have the masa ready it’s all up to you to decide what you want to make with it.




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