Nopales Asados (grilled Cactus paddles)

Nopales? Yes, …  Cactus Pads. Everyone here at my home loves them and if you like them as much as we do then you will find many recipes that include these delicious nopales. This particular recipe is a simple twist (or substitute) for sopes or huaraches. We only do this when we don’t want to include the masa.

To my convenience I have nopales growing in my backyard, so when ever they become ready, we cut them, clean them and we cook them. And since we are cutting them straight off from the plant that means we need to remove the thorns first.

A little extra work but we don’t mind it. But if you don’t have them growing in your backyard you can always find them at the grocery store all cleaned up and ready to cook.

You will need:

  1. Nopales
  2. Refried Beans
  3. Shredded lettuce
  4. Sliced red onion
  5. Sliced tomatoes
  6. Cotija cheese
  7. Sliced Avocado
  8. You favorite salsa


Make sure to clean the nopales and pat dry.  Sometimes we brush them with some oil and sometimes we don’t, so that means that its going to be up to you if you want to add it or not. either way they will come out delicious. Have the grill pan heated and add the nopales. You will flip only once so make sure they are slightly charred, for about 2 minutes each side. You will repeat this with all the nopales you want to make.

Now comes the plating part. Add the refried beans, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cotija cheese, avocado and the salsa.

That’s it! Delicious Guaranteed.

Nopales Asados







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