Sopes are known as Antojitos. Antojitos is another way of referring to street food. At first sight they might look like a thick gordita. They kind of are but difference is that they are fried and have pinched sides. These are then topped with either beans or meat. then on top of that you have lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and salsa. Toppings are endless. different ingredients are added to create your own unique taste and style.

You will follow the same first few steps as you would for the Gorditas recipe.  Only up to the part where you cook them on the griddle.


Once they are cooked you will pinch the sides to make them look like small cups. Just make sure you do this step while they are still hot because if they cool down it will almost impossible to do.

Once you do this to all the sopes, its time to fry them. Fry them for about 2 minutes on each side or when they start turning a bit brown.


After you are done with the frying next comes the fun part, putting them together. The toppings depend all on you and who you are making them for. The ones that are in this recipe, I topped them with potato and chorizo, pickled cabbage, tomatoes, fresh cheese and salsa verde.  The toppings are endless.  Just make them yours.






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