Agua Fresca De Naranja

Agua Fresca de Naranja (Fresh Orange Water) goes great with any of the delicious recipes that I’ve so far shared with you. I count myself among the lucky ones that happens to have an orange tree in their backyard making this drink one of the regular Aguas Frescas to have.


You will need:

  1. Oranges
  2. Sugar
  3. water

Very simple to make, all you do is squeeze as many oranges as you have or want. Make sure you use a strainer to catch the seeds. Then half the water of what you squeezed in oranges. *Make sure you leave about two oranges for the end because you will need at least one cut up and placed inside your water. Add some sugar and stir well. Do a taste test. If you think it needs more of an tangy taste then you can squeeze one orange at a time and taste. Same goes with water, if you think it’s too tangy then you add a bit more of water and do another taste test.

This agua fresca goes great with mint leaves or some cut up strawberries. For this one here I only added slices of orange inside.  Make sure you serve chilled or over ice. Don’t forget to stir before you serve.






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