Elote Con Hot Cheetos (Hot Cheetos Corn)

I’ll share this fun recipe that my daughter asked me to share because its one of her favorites fun foods. Just like street mexican corn on the cob but with a little twist. Replacing the traditional cheese with some hot Cheetos crumbs.

You will need:

  1. Corn
  2. Soften Butter
  3. Mayo
  4. Hot Cheetos (crumbled)
  5. Skewer sticks


Boil as many corns as you would like to make. While they are cooking you have time to crumble the Cheetos. Make sure you don’t leave many big crumbs, you want this as close to powder as possible.

When the corn is done cooking and a bit cooled down, place the skewer in and add the butter evenly around the entire corn, then add the mayo the same way. Once the corn is fully covered you will then add the hot Cheetos crumbs.


Use a spoon to add the crumbs directly over a plate. You may pat on the Cheetos as well. That’s it, fully coated and ready to enjoy!



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