A Quinceañera Story

This post is not recipe related but it does include lots of food and a lot of family members spending a wonderful time together. My niece just celebrated her 15th birthday. And that alone meant lots of food and lots of music. The plan was to do  a “small party” and the planning processes started many months prior. It started with plans of being a small get-together with close family only, but as time went by the initial guest list started to get larger and larger until my sister said “Quinceañera it is”. That’s when the planning and the ideas started coming in. My niece wanted a Mexican Theme Quinceañera. It started to get real, really quick and before we knew it the day had arrived and my niece couldn’t be any happier and my sister any more stressed.


Let me begin with the centerpieces. How cute is this combination? The dolls were brought from Mexico, the clay pitchers were bought here locally, and the tortilla holders were done by my sister as well as the table runners. I honestly loved the detail that went to each and every table.


As expected with any party planning, some things don’t go as planned. A night before the event, the tables and chairs arrived at my sisters home. Certain colors didn’t arrive according to what was chosen.  It was too late to do something about it and there was no need to find new things to worry about. And to tell you the truth, no one notice that small detail but us.


The photo booth was super cute. It was set up at the entrance of the event. This area was perfect because it gave the guests the opportunity to take photos before they sat down or when they were about to leave.


The bar was fully stocked.


The gift area was nicely decorated. The flowers on the wall were hand-made by my sister.


The guest sign in area was nicely decorated with hand-made carpetas (crochet table cloths).


Even the envelope drop box was nicely decorated.

Everything looked great and by this time we were all ready for church.


Mass was beautiful. Once the mass was done, everyone had time to take pictures with each other and with the quinceañera.

Once we were done taking the pictures we all headed back home to the party.


The candy table was amazing. It was right next to the cake stand and it looked beautiful. There were many mexican candies along with cookies and bread.

There was even a Tostilocos Bar. AMAZING!

For food we had Tacos de Canasta, (recipe coming soon), pasta salad, Birria, Ranchero Chicken, Cactus salad, rice and beans.

Traditional drinks were Horchata, Jamaica, and Cucumber with lemon. There were soft drink and regular water. From the bar we had beer and margaritas.


The party turned out great. The Mariachi was incredible like always.


I thank my sister for the invite and for our souvenirs. We were able to spend time together as family and make new memories. Thank you Herme, the party was awesome!




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