Jalapeño Popper Dogs

A simple twist to the traditional hot dog that makes it taste delicious. I have jalapeño lovers at home. The spicier the better. This is the hotdog that is requested the most. Hope it becomes your new family favorite like it has been for mine.

You will need:

  • 8 Hot dog buns
  • 8 Hot dogs
  • 8 Large Jalapeños
  • 4 Cheese slices (of your choice)
  • Mustard

Cut the tip and the tail off from the Jalapeños, then cut in half and remove the seeds from the inside. Set aside.

Slice the hot dogs lengthwise in half. Cut the cheese slices in 4 strips per cheese slice. Add the cheese to the middle of the hot dog.

Now add the jalapeño slice to one end of the hot dog and repeat with the other end.


Heat the griddle and add the hot dogs.


Grill evenly and serve with mustard.

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