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Not much seafood is liked in my household but the very little that we do like we tend to make often. My daughter loves Shrimp and if they are in Agua chiles style the better. Now for me, I have never tried Salmon and I don’t want to try it just yet. Regardless of what we do and don’t like, I’ll gladly share with you all the recipes that we do love.



Mojarra Frita


you will need:

  1. Tilapia Fish                4.  Salt
  2. Flour                            5. Cooking oil
  3. Fish seasoning


Here we will rinse our fish.  Making sure it’s nice and clean. once that is done we will pat dry. Cut about 3 vertical lines on each side of the fish. Honestly, I don’t know if we do this so the fish can cook better or if it works just for the seasoning part but I was taught to do it and it works beautifully. The taste will be amazing I guarantee you that much. Just trust me.


Now, this is the part where you will bring out the fish seasoning and coat both sides of the fish. I like to put some seasoning in between the cuts to me that adds flavor to each piece that I cut.

Time to heat up the pan with some oil on medium heat, just remember that you will need enough oil to go a little more than half of the fish.

Next, we need to get the flour ready and by this, we will put it on a long dish add some salt and also some of that fish seasoning. mix very well.


Coat the fish on both sides and tap off some extra flour and place in the pan.


The tilapias that I bought were kind of large so I couldn’t place more than one in the cast iron that I have so I decided to add another pan just because I had people anxiously waiting for their food. And to be honest, I’d have to say that I loved the cast iron better for this. The fish fried evenly all around than it did on the other pan so halfway through the cooking, I stopped using the second pan and only stayed with the cast iron.


These came out delicious!

I also bought some Tilapia fillets and all I did was season them and grilled them after removing some of the oil from my pan.