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My Family loves Carne asada can you tell? Very easy to make and a crowd pleaser for sure.

No one can ever go wrong with carne asada. We can eat it right off the grill in a warm corn tortilla or we can have it on a plate with side dishes. Rice and Beans is a must if you are doing the side dishes, but don’t forget to combine it with a spicy molcajete salsa. oh, my mouth is watering as I describe all this deliciousness.  The side dishes are to one’s preference, I like to have plenty to chose from. You may serve this with white rice or Mexican rice, but any type of rice would work as long as you have rice. Same goes for the beans, they can be straight from the olla or refried. I like to include some nopales, cebollas curtidas with mild chiles (straight from our backyard) or even habanero chiles. Some pico de gallo and my spicy molcajete salsa. Sometimes I’ll include a potato salad but only if we are making either burgers or hot dogs for the kids. but that’s just preference. I know that some of you might be wondering what some of these things are but don’t worry I’m on it. I’ll be explaining them in detail down below with each recipe. So enough chit chatting and more explaining.  oh, and one more important thing, I don’t know if this happens to all the Hispanic households or just in my kitchen but I rarely use measurements when I’m cooking. I’ll occasionally say a pinch of this and some more of that …. its no-brainer, cooking is fun so let us not make it confusing with all the teaspoons, tablespoons or cups. I’ll try my best to include a bit more info on measurements just please have tons of patience with me.


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